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Calm Before the Storm
The Maledives. On February 22nd their European Tour starts. But beforehand Bill and Tom Kaulitz, 20, from Tokio Hotel are charging their batteries. For their hotel room the twins spend 3500 Dollar – per night! In return they have an own pool, they’re eating in the gourmet restaurants and are getting served by a personal butler during the whole day.

“Every two days they get a massage at the Wellness-Center”, a Guest says. But the greatest luxury for Bill is to sleep in: “I’m a real late-riser”, the singer explained – and remembered: “On school days I got woken up at 5.30 a.m, that’s horrible!” The life of a worldstar is much more relaxed. The eyewitness also reports “late breakfast – at about 11 a.m”.

But: Does Frontman Bill really eat something? He’s thinner than ever! “Don’t worry, I’m not anorexic”, he reassures. “I love sweets – and everything that’s overbaked with cheese.” Next to his muscular brother, Bill looks alarmingly skinny. “Nonesense!” Bill says, “I’ve always been so thin, I only wore larger pants in the past. So it was harder to notice.”

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Haha, this ones are my favourite pics ^___^

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